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Frequently asked questions

Q: Flying in FSX/P3D I noticed that generated by autogen trees often grow on the surface of lakes or rivers, or in the middle of roads or highways. Can it be eliminated?

A: The accuracy of mapping of the autogen objects location in FSX/P3D simulator can be improved by modifying a configuration file of the flight simulator: FSX.CFG / PREPAR3D.CFG. Using any text editor the content of the FSX.CFG / PREPAR3D.CFG file should be edited by adding below the section [TERRAIN] the following parameter:


The parameter has a range from 16 to 2048. The default setting is 16. Recommended settings for our products is 1024. It can be changed according to one's own preferences, eg. increasing to a maximum value of 2048. The higher value of the parameter allows for a greater precision in the annotation of autogen mapping. However, increasing the value may have a negative influence on the simulator graphics system and may cause a decline on Frame Rates (FPS).

FSX.CFG / PREPAR3D.CFG files should be found in the following locations by default:

for FSX:


for P3D:

C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Lookhead Martin\Prepar3D

Q: Flying in FSX photo scenery which includes street lighting Light3D, both day and night I see plenty of objects resembling black triangles or rectangles. Can it be improved?

A: For proper operation of street lighting Light3D in the menu of the FSX simulator: SETTINGS/DISPLAY/GRAPHICS, Preview DirectX 10 mode should be switched off.

Q: Flying at night in FSX photo scenery which includes street lighting Light3D I see I see that only the main thoroughfares are illuminated. Side streets and secondary roads remain dark. Can it be changed?

A: Photo sceneries which include street lighting Light3D have negative impact on performance of the simulator graphics system and may cause a decline on Frame Rates (FPS). In order to improve flexibility and efficiency the number of displayed objects Light3D has been divided into 4 levels of detail. They correspond to the settings in the menu SETTINGS/DISPLAY/SCENERY of FSX/P3D simulator for Scenery complexity from NORMAL to EXTREMELY DENSE.

To increase the number of illuminated streets and roads, level of detail [Scenery complexity] should be changed to higher than NORMAL.

Try to choose the optimal level of detail for the capabilities of your PC, ensuring the visual impression and accepted FPS.

Scenery complexity=NORMAL

Scenery complexity=EXTREMELY DENSE